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Welcome to my site

Here you get some information about me. As a basis for a profitable cooperation.

I come from the planet Rytif in the system Bremen. There they speak in some places a language called German. At least that’s how it was in my family. I do without German here and translate everything directly into the UEE official language. Languages are not my strength, they are rather in other fields. Forgive me if my English is not that perfect. If you also speak German, we can have direct negotiations in German.

I have been a freelancer since 2943 and have built up a good reputation in various systems and with various companies. But I am also happy to work for smaller groups and individuals. I am not bound to a certain system and fly longer distances if necessary. Currently I am working in the Stanton system for some larger companies, for smaller jobs I still have time.

Olaf Jäger

Services I offer

Scan and explore locations and mining areas

Transportation of ships, vehicles and data

Recovery of ships, vehicles, cargo

Sale of used ships and vehicles

Sale of ship parts and salvage

You need information about a certain location? You are looking for the next profitable mining area? You want to transport something important quickly and safely, but you don’t have the time or the right ship? Your ship is drifting in space? You are looking for a cheap spare parts or weapons? Then you are exactly right with me! I procure and transport information, items, vehicles and ships. Occasionally I also offer lost property for sale. The range reaches from ship parts to whole ships. For my services I have a Terrapin, a Star Runner, a SRV and a Liberator in my fleet. If you want to transport a few ships or vehicles incl. equipment from one place to another I have the right ship for it!

Reviews from clients

I am very grateful to him, he brought me back my ship that had stranded because of damage.
– Zoe Grabowski

Great offer. Bought a Freelancer. Super condition super price. Absolutely recommend!
– James J. Dubose

Is super reliable! I had to move a few ships and equipment, but could not take care of it myself. Olaf handled it all, thanks!
– Chris Gill

He always has the best information about new mining areas! When we need a new spot we always come to Olaf.
– Patrick P. Hernandez

Olaf saved me! Time was short and he happened to have a similar part in stock, which had vanished from me shortly before.
– Yvonne D. Hodgin

He always has the best offer of parts and sometimes there are some rare things among them. It’s worth checking in from time to time.
– Robert R. Barnes

Great guy and fastest currier I know. He made the Kallis run in less than 12 parsecs.
– Alex Freyer

The information he provided was very profitable and worth every penny.
– Rickie A. Barbosa