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All about offers

As soon as Star Citizen is ready, I will offer special items, salvage and ships for sale here. As far as there are not later also ingame surfaces for it. Of course only for UEC.

But since that is still some time away and I have, as perhaps some of you too, a few ships too much and I offer them for sale. I do not sell ships commercially like others, but simply want to pass them on to another citizen. There is no point in melting them down, I already have enough ships. The decision is hard for me. My heart says keep the ships, you need many ships. My mind says no you don’t, you already have too many. I think when you ended up here, you’ll understand what’s going on inside me. If you are interested and the price is ok for you, you can use the eBay purchase option.

Anvil Liberator

(RSI price $575,00 without taxes)

Link to eBay purchase option

Ship porn link to the introduction on rsi.

Still in the shipyard, not flight ready, factory new, no damages.

open Spectrum comlink