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case number: 6153572/045-IV
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Personal data

UEE Citizen ID: #240790
First Name: Olaf
Family Name: Jäger
Date of birth: 17.04.2911
Place of birth: Bremen system - Bremen 2 (Rytif) - Unknown

Parents: Björn and Britta Jäger
Siblings: Erik and Lin Jäger

Relations: unknown
Children: unknown


Military file

2946-May-03: Information requested
2946-Nov-19: Information received

Family name: Jäger
First name: Olaf
ID No: 2911041710
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Unit: PSYOP - 10th Fleet
Usage: Intelligence reconnaissance
Stationing: System Terra - Terra III - Prime

Date of entry into service: 09/01/2931
End of Service: 31/08/2943

Further information about operations and places of service are confidential.

Short Profile

Olaf Jäger Profile Image

First name: Olaf
Family name: Jäger
Call sign: unknown
Gender: male
Height: 1.80m
Hair color: red
Eye color: green
Last known location: Standton System
Status: alive
Affiliation: The Cartel
Fields of activity: Reconnaissance
Information trade
Trade with stolen goods
Threat level: medium

Date: 30.05.2947 | Time: 11:15 Uhr | Place: Stanton system – MicroTech



Advocacy: Mr. Jäger, in your file is written that you were born 04/17/2911 on Rytif, but no city. Where exactly were you born?

Respondent: On my parents farm. Right next to the piglets *Laughs*

Advocacy: I see. Hm, why did you join the military, you could have worked on your parents’ farm.

Respondent: It was too quiet and isolated for me there. I always wanted to go out into space and experience something.

Advocacy: So you joined the Navy at 20 against your parents’ wishes?

Respondent: Is that really written in there?

Advocacy: Yes! …

Respondent: Hm, yes that’s true, my parents weren’t thrilled, but they couldn’t do anything about my decision either. Why do you ask that?

Advocacy: I’m just checking off the facts. … You were in the Navy for 12 years in intelligence. The Navy didn’t put out a much information, but it seems you travelled around a lot. Why did you leave the Navy in 2943? You could have renewed your contract.

Respondent: I had my reasons.

Advocacy: And they are?

Respondent: Hm, … well … my superiors! In my eyes, they are all incompetent. There’s far too much political banter and self-interest. The hierarchy does the rest. I wanted to do my own thing, be my own boss. … … … Are you getting at something in particular, or do you want to offer me a job?

Advocacy: No, I won’t!

Respondent: Then there’s no reason to keep me here!

Advocacy: Sit down again! … … … You are connected with some, … um I’ll say it carefully, highly questionable persons.

Respondent: Aha?

Advocacy: We know that you are a member of the Cartel and belong to the Squadron … uh … Lynx. What do you say to that?

Respondent: … … …

Advocacy: How does someone who has problems with hierarchies as well as superiors and would like to be his own boss end up in a paramilitary organization that controls several sectors itself?

Respondent: Coincidence?

Advocacy: Coincidence? Aha, you don’t say!

Respondent: I don’t know what your problem is? The Cartel is doing a great job in securing the front to the Vanduul space. It is also working with the local government, and as you know, Bremen is not far from there. I wish the UEE would take more care of the Vanduul threat.

Advocacy: So you confirm working for the Cartel?

Respondent: I do not confirm anything and I do not work for the Cartel but with them.

Advocacy: How did this happen?

Respondent: Hm, … are we almost done here?

Advocacy: Answer my question!

Respondent: A job gone wrong in the Nyx system. I was trying to recover an object with my 315P and was surprised by pirates. Barely got away through a jump point. However, my ship systems died on exit. So I flew like a bullet straight into a carrack. The Lynx crew picked me up half dead and patched me up in sickbay. After that I did a couple of jobs with them.

Advocacy: What jobs?

Respondent: This and that, that was also years ago and yet no longer matters.

Advocacy: You are suspected of smuggling illegal goods into ArCorp.

Respondent: Bullshit, I don’t do illegal stuff! I trade information and artifacts.

Advocacy: Oh yes you did, you were just lucky that the customs officials were careless!

Respondent: I don’t understand the purpose of our coffee party here. If you have something tangible to accuse me of, then do it, but don’t waste my time!

Advocacy: … … … All right, what do you know about Corran Dekkard?

Respondent: Ahh … so that’s what you are interested in … … …


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